About Martha

Martha Omoekpen Alade

Martha Alade is a multiple international award winner and the founder of Women in Technology in Nigeria(WITIN), a network that empowers women and girls socio-economically through ICT. She has played both technical and leadership roles in several initiatives for “women, girls and ICT” in Nigeria. She has pioneered grassroots initiatives such as (GWEIT), an intervention that brought the businesses of thousands of local and non-literate women to the cyberspace. For about two decades, Martha has consistently advocated for gender equity in this evolving and disruptive digital era.

She has worked extensively with several international organizations on STI(Science, Technology and Innovation) initiatives and STE(A)M – Science, Technology, Engineering (Arts) and Maths, which has positively transformed the lives of numerous women and girls in the country.

She is acknowledged globally as an exceptional leader, role model and change agent in technology. Working closely with teachers via teachers.ng, she is committed to motivating more girls in Nigeria to pursue technology related careers as creators, innovators and inventors; as well as strengthening the expertise and competencies of Nigerian women in the field as emerging tech leaders . Martha played a key role in the Governments’ effort in establishing Digital Girls Clubs across Nigeria. Through wit.ng and mata.ng, she is driving an immense and resilient campaign to create jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities for 20,000 Nigerian women through technology by 2022. As a recent recipient of the esteemed Nira .ng award, she is currently encouraging Nigerian women to move to .ng cctld.

She is an Alumna of the EDC, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Lagos and the Lagos Business School. She is an Afrisig Fellow and the 2nd vice president of the Nigerian-Swedish Chamber of Commerce. She won the prestigious National Award in 2002 for taking ICT to the grassroots in Nigeria as well as the Anambra Governor’s state award for empowering teachers and schools with ICT and STEM resources within the state. She is married with kids