+[New Delhi, India  – July 2016] Unleash: Opportunities. Leadership. Potential 2016
Presentation: Women’s Economic Power in the changing world of work
+[Nairobi, Kenya  – Jan 2016] Intel® She Will Connect Africa Summit
Presentation: Empowering Women through ICT in Nigeria
+[Lagos, Nigeria  – Sept 2015] African Women Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum(AWIEF)
+Presentation: Bridging the Gender Gap in Technology: Engaging More Women in STEM Education
+[Osun, Nigeria  – June 2015] Nacoss National Conference, GEPICT 2015.
+Presentation: Maximizing Career Opportunities in ICT for National Development
+[Abuja, Nigeria  – Oct 2014] The First Lady’s Summit on Women and Girls
Presentation: ICT for girls education in Nigeria
+[Lagos, Nigeria  – July 2014] The Women In Africa Conference 
Presentation: Session on Women and Technology
+[Lagos, Nigeria  – June 2014] Women of West Africa Entrepreneurship Conference, WOWe; Session on Women and Technology | Session on Women and Technology
+[Lagos, Nigeria – April 2014] Convener, Girls in ICT Day 2014
+[Lagos, Nigeria – April 2014] Convener, Tech4D Forum for Women 2014
+[Rome, Italy – March 2014] Convegno RAIDonna è
Keynote: Woman is innovation and science: “The African Woman and Technological Innovation”.
+[Barcelona, Spain – Feb. 2014] MWC 14, Connected Women series
+[Abuja, Nigeria – Nov. 2013] Nitda eNigeria 2013
Presentation: Local Content and Job Creation in Nigeria[Minneapolis, USA – Oct 2014] Grace Hooper Conference 2013
+[Abuja, Nigeria – Oct. 2013] CTO
Session on Women, Empowerment and ICTs.
+[New York, USA – Sept.  2013] Clinton Global Initiative Annual Conference
Panellist: Women in Technology: Filling the Next 1.5 Million Jobs
+[Enugu, Nigeria – June 2013] UNESCO Science Week
Presentation: A pedagogical Approach to Girls and STEM
+[Geneva, Switzerland – May 2013] WSIS Forum 2013
Panellist: Women and ICT careers (ITU/WICTAD)
+[New York, USA – May 2013] Clinton Global Initiative Mid-Year Meeting +[Lagos, Nigeria – April 2013] Convener, Girls in ICT Day 2013
+[Paris, France – Feb. 2013] UNESCO WSIS + 10
+[Washington, USA – Jan 2013] Launch of WICTAD
+[Lagos, Nigeria – Oct 2012] Convener, Tech4D Forum 2012
+[Geneva, Switzerland – May 2012] WSIS Forum 2012